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We are flexible with arrival times after 10:45 am, adjusting to meet school’s bus schedules. The program takes about 1 1/2 hours. A classroom is available to eat a bag lunch that your students bring.

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1. Through the Telescope – Students examine different types of telescopes. The behavior of light with lenses and mirrors is explored through the use of light boxes.

2. Colors from Space – Students make filter wheels and use them in the planetarium to explore how filters are used on telescopes. The electromagnetic spectrum is emphasized. Students keep their filter wheels.

3. Moons of the Solar System – Students explore the appearance of the moon and the phases of the moon. Students track Jupiter’s moons over 9 nights to simulate Galileo’s discovery of Jupiter’s 4 largest moons.

4. Solar Observing– Students explore solar phenomena such as sun spots and cornal mass ejections. Weather permitting, students will use telescopes to project an image of the sun and count sunspots. This choice is dependent on the weather. Please choose a backup lesson.

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