Apollo Moon Missions Interview

  Find one person to interview about their memory of the Apollo Moon Missions.

 He or she should be at least 50 years old. Sit down and talk to them about what they remember about those missions and those times. Some questions to ask them are given below. Even if someone was in another country at the time, they may have vivid memories of the launches, landings or the first steps on the moon. Or they may remember the panic the media felt about the astronauts that were stuck in Apollo 13.

Be ready to share with your class.


If you haven't done interviews before, here are some questions to get you started … Don't just get a yes or no answer, fill in the details!

What do you remember about when man first stepped on the moon?

Did you watch it on television?

Was there a parade in your town and if there was, do you remember attending?

Did you ever get to meet any astronauts or hear them speak?

Do you remember reading newspaper accounts of any missions?

Do you remember the first astronauts to die, in the fire of Apollo 1?

Do you remember hearing about the astronauts that had the explosion in space on Apollo 13?

What do you remember people or the media worrying about for those astronauts?

Do you remember any TV coverage you watched about that mission?