Star Color Images

Mystery Star M42 Orion Nebula
mys_blue.fts m42_blue.fts
mys_grn.fts m42_green.fts
mys_red.fts m42_red.fts


Measuring the Color of Stars with Images

The star you are finding the tempertaures for is the target star. Two telescope images were taken, one with a blue filter and another with a visible filter.

Visible and blue images were also taken of another star, one that you know the properties of, called the standard star.

Blue Standard Star Blue Target Star Visible Standard Star Visible Target Star
bstan1.fts btarg1.fts vstan1.fts vtarg1.fts
bstan2.fts btarg2.fts vstan2.fts vtarg2.fts
bstan3.fts btarg3.fts vstan3.fts vtarg3.fts
bstan4.fts btarg4.fts vstan4.fts vtarg4.fts