Thoughts on primates, Jane Goodall, Gombe, research, language, behavior .....


1. A Bigger Better Brain - Observations of chimpanzees and dolphins strengthen the notion that humanlike intelligence may not be uniquely human

2. All in Good Time - In an age of instant acess, the case is made for scientific understanding through time

3. and they could talk to me - One man's experience of being 'talked to' by chimpanzees (2012)

4. Some aspects of aggressive behavior in a group of free-living chimpanzees - An article by Jane Goodall about her observations - A 1971 account by Jane Goodall of the obsevations she made of wild chimpanzees

5. Becoming Human - A moving accout of the interplay between scientific research, human encroachment and wild animals

6. Evolution of Tool Using Behavior - A look at archeological discoveries regarding tool use (1968)

7. In the Shadow of Jane Goodall - Fifty years after Goodall arrived in Gombe, the enviornment has changed dramatically for both our closest relatives and the sceintists who study them (2010)

8. Man not the only toolmaker - a 1964 report on the work of Jane Goodall

9. New Wine in Old Bottles - Thinking about the new field of cultural primatology with an emphasis on primates

10. Recent Developents in the Study of Primate Behavior - A talk Jane Goodall and David Hamburg gave in 1974 about primate behavior

11. Talking Chimp to Chimp - Language may be unique to humans, but our closest relative do a lot of vocalizing and researchers are trying to figure out what they're yakking about (2010)

12. What counts as research - a critcal look at what constitutes scientific research

13. How wild are the Gombe Chimpanzees? - The idea that the Gombe chimpanzees are 'wild' is questioned (1975)