Planetarium Program

1. Stellarium - free computer program that simulates the sky. Its like a planetarium show on your computer.

2. Nightshade - the planetarium program used in Payton's planetarium

Textwrangler - text edit program for mac os

Image Processing Progams - once you learn one program, the others are easy to use as they are basically doing the same thing, more or less.

1. ImageJ software - Download ImageJ here with Astro plugin or Download ImageJ here without Astro plugin or Download the Astro Plugin

Activity packet (Astronomy) - lessons 1, 2, 3 & Pretty Pictures - This is the lesson packet for ImageJ. Will load up in a browser.You can download it if you want.

Images for the Astronomy Activity packet - Images you need for the lessons found here. Save the images to your server space, not the individual school computer. Source webpage

kermit.jpg (28 kb) -- quintet.fits(4.1 mb) -- draco_dwarf_gal.fits ( ) -- ngc7063_u.fits (4.1 mb) -- Eagle Nebula (also called M16)pictures: Blue m16B.fits (15.9 mb) -- Visble or Green m16V.fits (15.9 mb) -- Red m16R.fits (15.9 mb)

Additional Images to Practice Making Color Images

Whirlpool Galaxy (4.1 MB Each) - M51B.fits -- M51V.fits -- M51R.fits

Bow Shock near Zeta Ophiuchi (63.9 MB each) - ZetaOph_WISE_B.fits -- ZetaOph_WISE_V.fits -- ZetaOph_WISE_R.fits

Lagoon Nebula (640 KB each) LagoonNebulaMOR -- LagoonNebulaMOG -- LagoonNebulaMOB

Orion Nebula (4 MB each) - Orion_nebulaB -- Orion_nebulaR -- Orion_nebulaV

Hubble site link mentioned in the lesson "Making Pretty Color Pictures"

User Guide for ImagJ - General instructions for using ImageJ

More Images & Documents for Image J - These lessons are general lessons for working with digital pictures and image processing software

Introductory Lessons (General) - 1. Pixelated Pictures; 2. Lights, Camera, Action; 3. Digital Detective; 4. More than Numbers; 5. North American Tour; 6. Digitizing Details; 7. Picture Yourself; 8. Color by Number; 9. Photo Effects

User Guide - User Guide

Guides for specific things:

Lookup Tables; Selecting Objects; Drawing & Text; Cutting & Pasting; Thresholding (Density); Calibrating Images; Measuring; Stacks & Animation; Managing Windows; Quick Reference (Tools & Menus)

2. MicroObservatoryImage software - good beginner program. Not as sophisticated as the others.

Images & Documents for MicroObservatory

Image Archive - Sorted by image object

Recent Image List - Sort by date or file name

User Manuel

3. DS 9 software - good for working with the image and color and with multiple images

Images for use with Chandra's Learning to Use DS9 online lessons

ACIS Observation of CAS A -- M31 -- M31-2 -- Coma Cluster -- 3C273 --The Wind & Accretion Disk in Cen X-3V779

User's Manual

4. APT (Aperture Photometry Tool) software - This one is good at measuring light from sources.

Go to APT's webpage and find the Download link. Choose the download for your computer os.

User Guide

5. AstroImageJ - new and improved ImageJ for Astronomy; Just choose your operating system

Earth Science

My World GIS