Seminar - Astronomy Research Spring 2017

SDSS Navigate SDSS Plate Browser #1 - SDSS Plate Browser #2 RA-Dec Converter



5/3/17 & 5/24/17

Getting into the SDSS data to look for galaxies with evidence of black holes

FWHM - Full Width at Half Max - What is the width of the H alpha emission line at half its height (amplitude)?

Procedures - Google Spreadsheet


Research Topic Discussions


Research - Make sure your source is credible

ebook about Black Holes from Sky and Telescope

Astronomical Articles - ADS; arXIV; Astrobites


Finding velocities from redshift: z=(obs-rest)/rest ... v=d/t=zc [c=300,000 km/s]

Finding distance from redshit: Navigate. Use Excel.

Powers of Ten video


Waves - Wavelength/Amplitude/Frequency - Redshift

Pick a starting place in SDSS using constellations. This location will open up in SDSS Navigator. Record your RA and Dec.

Click on the box "Objects with spectra" and choose red boxes for several stars, galaxies and qso. For each object, click on "Explore" and then the "Interactive Spectrum" to examine the light from that object. Record the H alpha, the H beta and the H gamma wavelengths.

Our data of the range of Hydrogen lines - Blue circles = blueshifted; Red circles = redshifted

Astronomy Picture of the Day - The Big Picture


Light - Diffraction Grating - Spectra: continuous, absorption, emission

SDSS - Video #1; Video #2